Divorce in California

Divorce in California
5 Things You Should Know
And Do to Protect Yourself

Every state has its own laws about divorce. The following is about divorce in California. If you have not been living in California for the past six months you cannot get a divorce in California at this time. You must also have been living in your particular county for the past three months. The divorce won’t be final for at least six months.

What to do if you are about to get a divorce, or are thinking about getting a divorce:


An Alternative to a Costly,
Time-consuming Court Trial

A great alternative to a contested divorce is mediation. You may want to try it. Both you and your spouse meet with a mediator who is neutral. He cannot take sides nor can he represent either of you in court. All three of you will talk with an open and free exchange of information. The mediator will make recommendations based on his experience as to how the Court would rule.

The benefits of mediation are:

Bringing a Holistic Approach to Your Divorce
20 Years Experience as a Divorce Attorney
And an Experienced Mediator

If you are going through a divorce, your experience can range from unpleasant to actually traumatic.  I bring a holistic approach to this difficult process. You are much more than a person getting divorced. There are many facets to your life and decisions to be  made that will affect the rest of your life. All of this should be taken into consideration.

I am an experienced mediator if you choose mediation, and I am a skilled collaborative negotiator. The majority of my cases are settled without a trial which saves my clients time, money and stress.

With over 20 years experience, I can help you through this difficult time and completely understand what you are going through.

Call my office in Folsom for more information about divorce in California, and to see how I can help you.